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30 Dollars Labor Plus the Cost of String for non-members. Members pay 10 dollars plus the cost of the string. 
Guarantee 24 hour turn around


We use a full electric stringer with constant pull along with pre-stretching capability.  The strings are the engine of your racket frame and need to be changed regularly depending on how often you play. Strings are important as they can enhance your feel, comfort, and power. They will actually start to lose tension immediately once they come off the stringer. Certain types of string can lose up to 10% of their tension in the first night after restringing, and additional tension loss occurs each time that you play.


How Often to Restring

If you play year round, we recommend that you restring your rackets a minimum of 4 times a year to maintain tension, control, comfort, feel and power. 

· If you play 5 days a week, we recommend stringing you racquet a minimum of 5 times a year.

· However, if you play during a particular season, we recommend restringing before the season starts and every 3 months thereafter.

· If you play with polyester strings, we recommend you restring every 4 to 6 weeks because polyester strings lose tension much faster than other strings.

· Of course, if you pop you strings more often restring as needed.

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